We the members of Missouri Valley African Violet Council need to send a great big Thank You to Diann Dunn for doing such an excellent job on the newsletter. I would also like to thank Diann Dunn for the help she has given me for the electronic version of the MVAVC Newsletter. The current issue and future issues will remain on the web site just in case one of you might need to return to and look up some information.

Inside the latest issue you will find the following:

  1. President Speaks - a message from our President
  2. Show Results from Affiliate Shows
  3. Upcoming Events - future meetings and shows
  4. Current Financial Reports
  5. Other informative articles and photos

Also there are little bits and pieces of information scattered here and there that are very interesting.

Anyone with a paid up membership may obtain a password from either the web master or the printed copy of the newsletter, once the password is obtained they will then be able to view the complete newsletter. Email The Webmaster and I will send you a password. Once you have obtained the password just type it in the box and click on submit. You must click on submit; hitting enter will not do it.

The password protected page will also contain the latest MVAVC news information including:

  1. Membership Roster
  2. Affiliate Roster
  3. MVAVC Bylaws

Enter your password: